Burpees and Balance is a website developed out of a passion for great-tasting food and a love of fitness, keeping our bodies moving and ultimately, maintaining a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Born from the author’s own struggles with health, nutrition and grapples with exercise, B&B aims to simplify those processes for its users – creating easy to follow recipes with natural ingredients and avoiding gut irritants like gluten, dairy and refined sugars for a DIY lifestyle change you can stick to.

B&B is all about keeping a balance between life and health. Keeping our bodies active is an integral part of not only body improvement, but mental health maintenance. We pride ourselves on an open-mind to all kinds of exercise routines – but provide realistic solutions to fit in with the busy lifestyles so many of us struggle with.

Based primarily around nutrition, B&B aims to help beginners or experts in the health world by creating delicious recipes you can follow and integrate into your diet on a daily basis. Here to help, B&B author Sam Howarth regularly writes articles around her own understanding of the battles so many people struggle with that are weight/body-related.

So welcome to our world of positivity, body-love and banging recipes – thrown in with a few burpees (for good measure).





Reigning from Northern Sydney, Sam can more often than not be found sweating it in the weights room, baking something superb in her kitchen, tuning in to Good Nights with Linda or seeking a powerpoint whilst draining the battery of her laptop in the nearest cafe.

A qualified journalist, Sam writes as often as she can – her passion lies in nutrition and health, and helping others achieve a maintainable lifestyle without the struggles she went through herself.

Sam is a self-taught nutrition and fitness enthusiast – a fanatic learned through trial and error over 3 years of research and over 10 years of personal struggles with food and body image.

She hopes that this blog will not only document her own progress but inspire others to find joy in the natural pleasures of life – particularly raw cacao. She loves raw cacao.




A lot of Sam’s food is plant-based, gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined sugar-free. Sam suffers from IBS and a lot of ingredients act as gut irritants and have particularly harmful impacts on the digestive system, so she avoids those in her creative cooking. She uses low-calorie options for sweet-tooths so we can incorporate our favourite recipes into everyday life. She openly enjoys a glass or two of red wine once or twice a week and promotes an overall life balance in her approach to health.

Her recipes are also divided into particular filters for the convenience of those following specific diets, like paleo or ketogenic diets. These diets aren’t for everyone, but these dieters in particular may find these filters useful in searching for appropriate recipes.

Macronutrient count is included in all recipes and Sam advocates the use of the IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) method in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. For the maintenance of energy, muscle and overall balance the IIFYM method means you can enjoy a little of what you love every day. You can read more about macros and Sam’s recommendations in her ‘Macros for Beginners’ Article.